About the Riverside Sportsmen's Club

The Riverside Sportsmen's Club was established in 1946. Danny Bell was the first president, with Coke Hyde as Secretary/Treasurer. The property was purchased from Riverside Drive to the CNR tracks. Money was raised through raffles, 50/50 draws each month.

The club was built by Mr. Guido Fantin, Murray Russell and members at that time. Club meetings were held at the Rendezvous Tavern. Originally this was a men's club only.

The club kept growing. In 1960 the club had a major expansion. They added a 2400 sq.ft. hall. Frank Parmeter was the president at that time and some of the property was sold to pay for the new expansion.

In 1993 the Club Room was expanded to double its capacity.


Franco Marcelloni - President & Food Director
Joe Stauffer           - Vice-President
George Robson     - Treasurer
Larry LaBute         - Secretary
Directors at Large: Rick St. Onge, Whitey Drechsler, Gary Iannicello, Marek Sobillo, Jack Krause


Ontario's Accessible Employment Standard
In accordance with this standard, the Riverside Sportsmen's Club intends to comply with the standard in our workplace and will accommodate the needs of people with disabilities in our hiring process.